Women’s Health Issues

Women’s Health Issues

Type: Research Paper

Service: Writing

Pages: 5 pages / 1375 words (Double spacing)

Level: College

Language: English (US)

Deadline: Nov 23, 06:30 PM

Topic: Women’s health issues

Subject: Healthcare

Sources: 5 sources required

Style: APA 7th edition


Research Paper: Each student will complete a research paper pertaining to one specific women’s health disease, disorder or issue in which they have a personal interest or would like to learn more about.

· Your Research Paper must include the following:

· General description or statement about the disease/disorder/issue.

· Impact of the disease/disorder/issue.

· Causes and/or risk factors associated with the disease/disorder/issue.

· Prevention strategies associated with the disease/disorder/issue.

· Signs and symptoms of the disease/disorder/issue.

· General treatment methods.

Bibliography – a minimum of 5 current (within the past 6 years) sources for where you obtained this information. Important Note: This paper should be 5-7 pages in length, double-spaced, 12-point font with spelling and grammar checked. Material present in your research paper must be cited appropriately (APA format) according to the format described in the in the MCC publication APA Citation Style LibGuide on the MCC Library website.