Web Design and Development

Web Design and Development

Web Design & Development – Final

IT474 – Website Development project Requirements

Winter 2020 Course

Professor Elbedour

Website presentation Record your video and upload for grading

Follow this Powerpoint for guidelines on how to present your project!

First, Demonstrate your website for 10-15 minutes

Demonstrate your website by recording your 10-15 minutes video to the class

Also, You should prepare a presentation to give to the class

This presentation will be your website Presentation grade (10% of total course grade)

In addition, Show the different pages you created and content you added

Also, Demonstrate your knowledge of fonts, contrast, and other various layout qualities

What were some of the challenges you faced while developing the website?

Create a Powerpoint presentation (like this one). I expect your to present to me by recording yourself. Create a short 10-15 min video about the site.

Furthermore, What did you learn while developing your website?

Equally important, Create a Powerpoint presentation (like this one) and discuss these questions with the class after you demonstrate your website.


What information from the textbook was helpful while developing your website?

Lastly, Create a Powerpoint presentation (like this one) and the questions stated above.

Web Design

Web Design