transformational leadership

transformational leadership

analysis of Leadership Intervention

Organizational culture and transformational leadership



Possible interventions

LaCroix Industries had a clear corporate culture before the merger with Build-All Products Inc., which resulted in exceptional organizational success and overall employee well-being. Gilles LaCroix should have conducted a bicultural audit to assess the cultural gaps between the two firms. The application of well-organized merger strategies can help the LaCroix industry to recover its magnificence.

Both industries belong to different backgrounds and possess strong cultures. LaCroix being a widow producing company and Build-All a building material manufacturer. Before emergence, the companies should work on strategies to take both businesses side by side without affecting the basic objective of anyone. There should be emergence but with the minimal amount of exchange in business planning and strategies of individual companies.

Another intervention can be a change in leadership. Gilles LaCroix used his skills and experiences to make sure the quality of products, he makes along with dealing with the team members through his transformational leadership.

Either he should come back and take hold of the company entirely or trains a few employees to work from the heart on his vision and value the culture and prestige of the industry. Gaining the confidence of crew members and taking their opinion in decision making while implementing a team-based company structure with the freedom to do anything to gain the mere objectives can bring some positive changes.


Although both interventions can be a good chance of restoring the lost glory of the company. In my opinion, the second business intervention will be more beneficial in doing so. The vice-chancellor should be someone who should understand the vision of a company along with increasing and generating revenue. LaCroix if focuses on making employees on his farm understand the vision of the company to maintain the quality of the product can reclaim the lost prestige.

Formulation and implementation of merger strategies are no doubt important but the most important thing to remember is the vision of the company and is the founder of the organization no one other than LaCroix can fix the problem at hand by the implementation of teamwork and bridges in the gap between production and management. The transformational leadership skills of the founder and directing his experience and skills in the right direction can help him in bringing back the lost glory of the company.

Action plan

Transformational leadership is the process of working with team members to labor for the growth of a company and looking for changes to make, discussing and analyzing the problems, and taking a decision in collaboration with the team members (Bass & Riggio,2006). LaCroix should make use of his transformational leadership skills for not only the company but to train trusted members of the industry. Training trusted group members to deal with a future obstacle like this one to decide for the benefit and vision of the company is important.

Along with this LaCroix must visit the production and manufacturing plants and encourage and boost the morale of employees once again. He used to discuss strategies and working principles with employees in the coffee break and small chit-chat before and these were the basis for the success of his company.

Regaining the trust and confidence of his people about decisions and quality of products can once again help the company in getting a boom. Furthermore, by bridging the gap between workforce and management to ensure the flow of information. Communication skills are important for both of the group members from different sectors to work and collaborate to gather to ensure the property of the company (Xenikou & Simosi,2006). In short, taking action and utilizing the experience and transformational skills are the key to regain the lost glory of the “window in life” company.


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