South Africa, Product: Wet Ones

South Africa, Product: Wet Ones


This comprehensive project aims to provide you with an opportunity to explore and understand the environments of a foreign country and their business implications for a multinational company, Edgewell Personal Care (Course Objectives 1-3).

The project will also help you build critical knowledge and skills in managing different functional activities in a foreign country (Course Objectives 4-5).

The countries you may choose from for this project include: Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa, Vietnam, Indonesia, Mexico, Columbia, Turkey and Poland.

Select a specific product category (such as sun care) carried by Edgewell for this project. Familiarize yourself with the company and its product line (that you choose) by visiting the company’s website before starting the project.

Part I (60 points)

Draft due on April 2 (11pm), if you want feedbacks for improvement

Final report due on April 9 (11pm)

In this part of the research project, you are required to research and analyze the country of your choice for the following:

a) Political environment

Type of government, political stability, corruption, ease of doing business, policies (including incentives) on foreign direct investments, memberships in WTO and regional trading agreement(s)

b) Legal environment

Type of legal system, labor law, intellectual property protection, product safety/liability laws, and industry regulations on the product category you choose to focus on.

c) Economic environment

Type of economy, inflation, unemployment rate, wage level, interest rate, GDP and its growth, GDP per capita and its growth, disposable income, currency and its exchange rate with U.S. dollar, and individual and corporate taxes

d) Social & cultural environment

Religion(s), values and beliefs (including Hofstede’s six dimensions), social norms, business etiquettes, language(s), and demographics (population, age, gender, race, ethnic groups, income groups and education level)

e) Ecological environment

Geographical location, size, climate, natural disasters, environmental pollution and protection

f) Technological environment

IT infrastructure, transportation infrastructure and system, internet access, mobile phone ownership, and e-commerce (online selling and shopping)

g) Based on the information you collect and analyze, what are the key opportunities and challenges you see from this country for Edgewell? You may use bullet points in this section.

Examples: if your research shows that the country’s disposable income has been growing steadily in the past few years, you may consider that as an opportunity for Edgewell to expand its business there. If your research indicates that the country has a high level of government corruption, you may consider that as a challenge for the company if it operates there.

h) How would you rate the overall attractiveness of the country as a potential investment site for Edgewell on a scale of 1 to 5 stars based on the opportunities and challenges you identify? Justify your rating.

Writing requirements

Each team is required to submit a written report of your research and analysis (typed and double-spaced) finalized on April 9, 2021. The report should begin with a one-page executive summary of the key opportunities and challenges you identify.

The entire write-up should be 10-15 pages long, including the executive summary, a reference page and any charts, tables, figures, and exhibits you may have in the appendix. If you need more space for the executive summary, use single space. But don’t go over the one-page limit. On the reference page, list the links to the websites where you find the information.


1. Review the related topics discussed in class

2. Whenever possible, use tables and/or charts to present the economic and demographic stats

3. Use section headings and page numbers

4. Proofread your writing for grammar, spelling, typo and wording problems as they will affect your grade for the assignment.

Useful online sources of information:




South Africa

South Africa