sexual harassment actions or verbal abuse

sexual harassment actions or verbal abuse

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sexual harassment actions or verbal abuse

Scenario: Generally, we have considered sexual harassment actions or verbal abuse of women to be done by men.

Over the past several decades, the culture of society has evolved. The diversity of sex and gender has erupted from

male abuses of females based on their biology. Now, there are gender reassignments which allow for persons with

the psychological inclination to be the gender other than what they were born as being possible. Further, there are

a number of transgender persons who, while retaining their biological configuration, adopt the psyche and

outward appearance through dress and mannerisms of what is considered to be the traditional opposite gender of

their physiology.


a newly assigned outwardly female officer was found out by her teammates in a Special Weapons and

Tactics (SWAT) unit to actually be a biological male. Several of the SWAT team members have come to you as the

SWAT Command Leader and have voiced their concern because the transgender officer uses the ladies room,

wears makeup, and dresses as a woman in her civilian attire at the end of the shift. The officers making the

complaint are claiming that someone with a psychopathological problem should not be in the SWAT unit. You go to

the Deputy Chief with their concerns and she tells you to prepare a briefing for the SWAT members concerning the

requirements for SWAT team membership and that if an officer makes the grade, he or she has the opportunity to

be a SWAT officer.

In a 3–5-page paper, you must explain to the officers, including those who complained as well as those who did not

complain, that the department supports the assignment of the new officer and that according to law, she must be

accepted as a valid member of the team so long as she is qualified. Further, explain that transphobia is not an

acceptable attitude for members of the team and that any discriminatory action on the part of officers concerning

the new officer would not be tolerated and would be met with appropriate disciplinary action.

sexual harassment

sexual harassment