Relating stoichiometry to dosage calculations

Relating stoichiometry to dosage calculations

Week 8 Assignment: Group Project

E-BOOK: Bauer, R. C., Birk, J. P., & Marks, P. (2019). Introduction to chemistry. New York, NY: McGraw-Hill Education.

Attach below some example.

Suggested Formats:

  • PowerPoint presentations ( 3 slides.  1- Why it’s important to use in nursing/dosage calculation. 2- Why important in nursing/dosage calculation. 3. One example)

Suggested Project Topics:

Relating stoichiometry to dosage calculations (CO 4)


Relationship with Nursing: Ties between the chemistry topic and nursing are well explained and clear.

Visuals: Group makes great use of visuals (drawings, models, short videos, etc.) to demonstrate points.

Enthusiasm and Participation: All group members participate to enthusiastically present how their chemistry topic ties to the field of nursing.

Accuracy: Chemistry used is accurate and well explained. Chemistry and application are woven together well.

Questions: The group is able to clearly answer questions relating to their topic.

Citation of Sources APA Format: All sources are properly cited.