Real-World Application in Calculus I

Real-World Application in Calculus I

Project: Real-World Application in Calculus I (related to Science, Technology, Engineering, and/or Mathematics)

1. Submit one real-world application and the complete solution that each requires concepts in Calculus I in order to solve.

2. The real-world application and its solution must be original (your  own work) and/or cited if other work was adapted. You may not simply  copy or modify an existing application and/or solution.

Note: Textbook word problems are NOT an acceptable applied project.

3. Use APA style to cite any references (websites, books, journals,  etc…) that are used to inspire your problems (and/or solutions).

4. These real-world applications should be related to current events  and should clearly demonstrate concepts in covered in our Calculus I.

5. Your grade for this project will be based on (a) originality, (b)  accuracy of problem and its solution, (c) relevancy to current events,  and (d) relevance and clear connection to concepts addressed in our  Calculus I course.