Organization and Structure

Organization and Structure


Organization and Structure

Essay 2 Grading Rubric

You must copy/paste the Essay 2 Grading Rubric onto your essay’s last page before you submit it. The rubric indicates that the essay grade will be based on these areas:

Length: Essay meets the length requirements

Organization & Structure: Essay follows the structure indicated in the E2 PowerPoint and contains-

Clear thesis w/ theme and listed literary elements

Transitions and topic sentences with main element

Explanation of literary element

Specific examples of the element in poem/s

Elaboration/Analysis & Significance of two literary elements/theme

Sources: Essay uses/introduces/integrate two sources, including one peer-reviewed scholarly source, correctly according to the MLA and Quoting PowerPoints.

Academic Language: Essay uses academic language as specified in the Academic Language page

Clarity: Essay is generally clear and understandable, free of grammatical errors

MLA Format: Essay follows visual MLA format indicated in the Essay 2 PowerPoint

Works Cited Page: Works Cited page includes and correctly cites all sources used in the essay, including two poems



Not meeting word count: F or lower

Also, Not following directions of choosing two poems and analyzing common theme and 2 literary elements.

Not following academic structure/organization indicated in E2 PowerPoint: D or lower

In Addition, Not including specific, detailed examples to demonstrate how literary elements manifest in poems to demonstrate theme: D or lower

Not following the specific source requirement: D or lower

Moreso, Not following MLA Format: -10% or more

Not following citation/MLA citation guidelines: -10% or more

Plagiarizing anything: Zero without opportunity to revise.