Moral Psychology

Moral Psychology

Answer the following questions based on the enclosed (attached) readings:

1.  What is the issue the author is concerned with and the main point the authors are trying to make about that issue? What are the reasons the authors give for thinking that this point is worth serious consideration?

2.  What do they agree or disagree about?

3.  Identify an example from the news, controversial issue, or personal experience that the reading(s) made you think about. How does it relate to the reading and/or illuminate the issues the reading raises?

4.  What do you find interesting or confusing about the reading(s)?

5.  How do you think, in the light of the evidence presented, intuitive/affective and rational processes interact in the ways people make moral judgments and decisions?

6.  What insights about the structure and social functions of moral judgments, can we learn from their similarities with the structure (grammar) and social functions of language?