marketing plan Mission, Vision & Values

marketing plan Mission, Vision & Values

marketing plan

Marketing plan for Ventura Hills

By Yang Shi

March 4, 2021

Mission, Vision & Values

“Ventura Hills Senior Living is committed to delivering independence, individuality, choice, privacy, and dignity to our valued residents.”

Ventura hills understand the expectations of its customers and are committed to meet their needs of entrusted and facilitated residential areas. Ventura Hills programs emphasized the provision of support and facilitated to enhance the quality of life of residents and to help them feel good and satisfied. We understand the need for privacy for our residents, and thus we allow them to customize or decorate their suites or apartments with their personal belongings. The Ventura hills customize a program that allows residents to make their own decisions and show their opinions regarding their needs and expectations from the Ventura hills. Ventura Hills aims to meet with expected living standards of residents and ever-changing market standards of the residential industry.


“The vision of Ventura hills senior living is to become one of the most demanded quality residential services providers, through accepting and integrating technology and innovation, employee development and enhancement in the living standard.”

In order to achieve its vision, the company is striving to achieve perfection in the following areas;

i. Deliver quality residential services to the consumer according to their expectations and needs

ii. Individualized and comprehensive residential services to every resident

iii. Understand and evaluate changing standards of the residential market

iv. Introduce a comfortable senior living service to residents

v. Promotion of innovation and provision of superior services to target customer market

Ventura Hills Senior living understands that people in the modern age are looking for quality and perfection in all senses; thus, the focus through research and in-depth analysis of consumer preferences would bring enormous benefits for the company as well as for the residents. The Ventura Hills offers vast options and customization options for its residents, from the community’s design to internal and external facilities. According to the residential service provider’s claims, they understand the needs of older people and children from their residential locations. Considering these needs, the senior living providers are visioning bright and fully facilitated residential locations for their people.

Organizational Values

Venture hills senior living knows how to balance the profit-activities and values for society/customers. Along with gaining profit and doing business, the company’s ethical side is to respect everyone regardless of their association with the company. Compassion and commitment are two values of Ventura Hills Senior Living that ensure that everyone associated with the residential business and those who are not are compassionately treated. The company is fulfilling all of its commitments with its stakeholders.

Ventura Hills Senior Living argues that it is the ethical value to come up with all the promises and commitments to enhance the company’s standard and develop a trustful relationship. To show compassion with customers, employees, and every one is essential to meet corporate social responsibility and meet with the organizational values.

The organization understands that everyone at the organization needs love and support, whether employees and customers. This is the reason to offer compassion is one of the organization’s most focused values. Employees and customers are considered assets of the company and thus to show them kindness and coming up with all the commitments is the company’s priority. The company ensures that everyone is getting their required services and the organizational standards are aligned with the modern corporate standards without violating social, ethical, legal, and political principles.

Overview of the Community

Ventura Hills Senior Living is a close-knit, comfortable and compassionate community that promotes wellness for residents. The community is located at 1207 Jackson Keller Road, San Antonio, Bexar County, Texas. The community was owned by American Eagle Castle Hills LLC that is a not-for-profit organization, in 2018. Currently, the company is owned and managed by the internal management team. There were 17 assets of the company that were purchased in the amount of $224,500,000. Since the sale, the property is owned by Eagle Castle Hills and running in the loss.

One of the most highlighted benefits of the Ventura hills senior living is its affordability and assistance like daily care, medication, personal care, housekeeping, transportation, and management. Ventura Hills Senior Living offers individualized programs that would include creating personal care and customized residential design, including medication rates and monthly maintenance. The benefit of the individual’s residential plan would be that you will only pay for your desired care options and services.

The floor plan designs of all the units are different.

The floor plan of the Alcove is given below that costs $2895;

Ventura Hills Senior Living is covering a wide variety of services for the customers or residents, and the costs of all the services are different. The staff of the community is always attentive and active for the help of the residents. There are shifts for the staff members to ensure that every time there is someone to bring queries of the residents and services they need.

The community is using tangible and intangible products to operate effectively. Tangible products or services of the company include land, fixtures, furniture, and other improvement equipment. The community management’s intangible products have the brand name, license, policies, and procedures, and the practical and productive workforce.

The apartment view of the community varies based on the needs of the residents.

There is a bedroom, a kitchen, living room, bath, and balcony components of the apartment at the Ventura Hills. The standard size of a Ventura Hills is as follows;

The company is offering a variety of products to residents, including tangible and intangible, based on the company’s desire and expectations. The amount and level of services that residents need depend on the willingness of the residents. Community management is planning to move forwards based on strategic planning and developmental plans to avoid any crisis in managing services for residents. Floor plan services include studio, alcove, one-bedroom, pet fee, daily respite fee, second related person fee, and one-time community fee.

The costs of these services vary but affordable for all the residents. These services are efficiently meeting all the needs of customers. The current activity of the community is aligned with the standards of the organization that will satisfy customers. The entrance of the Ventura Hills Senior Living is greenish because of the trees and plants out there.

There are some additional services provided by the community, including parking areas, Ventura park, beauty salon, and shops for residents’ feasibility. There is a gym and counseling center for older adults to keep them active and socially interactive. The Ventura Hills Senior Living offers peaceful and comfortable living services for elders, especially and all ages of people.

Marketing plan

Marketing plan

These are few additional services that the community provides to its residents to enhance their experience and convince them that there are nothing better services than Ventura Hills Senior Service providers.

Current Financial Situation 


Looking at the data available, the community’s financial performance is growing gradually. Despite numerous challenges, the management is maintaining its financial situation. In the first month, it was $50 388.41. In contrast, during the second month, there was a 3% increase in the total revenue that reached up to $80, 157.33 that indicates the organization’s positive financial situation.

For the three months, the gross profit growth was positive, while during the fourth month, it has declined from $98 145.55 to $61 764.44. Thus, the decline was because of the different social crises and economic decline as a whole. Total revenue expenses of the company are also variable. During the first month, costs were higher, then in the following two months, these expenses remained lower and again jumped to the higher number in the fourth month. There is a negative relationship between operational costs and expenses revenue.

Demographic Analysis

Population Growth

Changing demographics also impacts the performance and growth of the community. Between 2010-2018, the population growth was projecting at a lower rate. The population growth of the PMA was lower than the overall national development of the nation. In 2010, the United States population was 308,745,538 that reached 330,088,686 in 2018, and estimations of the increase in population indicate an increase. The increase in population will increase the demand for residential areas; thus, the company will earn huge benefits. 

Household Growth

The population growth will lead to household growth that would be a benefit for Ventura Hills Senior Living. There is a positive relationship between population growth and household growth because the increasing population will look for shelter, and houses’ demand will increase. From 2010-2018, every year, households were growing by 1.02%.

Income Levels 

Another demographic figure that will impact the resident community will be the income level of consumers. The higher income levels mean higher demand for luxury housing. Along with the increase in the average household income, the national average income is also affected by the company’s demand. In 2018, there was a severe decrease in household incomes that affect the overall demand for residential services.


Since 2008, the United States is improving its financial crisis and experiencing a huge annual return on products. The household income projection brings positive outcomes for the company and other residential service providers into the market. There are two bases of the relationship between the area affected by the total spending and earnings.

Customer Profile

John & Helen: John & Helen is a young couple having a four-year-old girl. John & Helen both are working parents, and they feel that their daughter is getting neglected because of their work. They both spend 8 hours at work, and during eight hours, the daughter remained at home with her caretaker. She is not allowed to go for an outing because the community they live in is not safe for children.

Because of the shortage of them, John & Helen cannot manage time for an outing with their daughter. Because of being enclosed in homes, their daughter is not getting socialized, affecting her personality later in life. Her same routine will make her abandoned and affect the colors of her childhood. When and John & Helen will get it that Ventura Hills Senior Living offers a separate and secure play area and park for children, it will be the first choice of parents.

Because indeed, every parent wants their child to raise in a positive environment. Security and quality care for children by trained and qualified caretakers is the priority of the Ventura Hills Community that will be the first choice of every parent. These trainers will positively socialize their daughter and make sure the positive development.

Competitive Analysis

The residential market is emerging day-to-day and challenging the position of existing companies. Ventura Hills Senior Living has a direct competitor named Castle Hills Senior Living community, located in Bexar County, Texas, United States. The competitor is offering almost similar services to customers and targeting a similar market; thus, the challenge that the

Ventura Hills facing Castle hills can turn the game anytime. The Castle Hills is using more engaging infrastructure and offering a list of services to its customers.

The Castle Hills is competitive in all areas, including the land use and social demographics that are affecting the business of the community. But still, there are some strengths of the community that differentiates from the other communities and residential service offerors that includes the high occupancy and strong market demand comparative to the competitor.

The statistical analysis above is explaining the value allocation to the company in the industry that shows its huge shares and space in the market that comparative companies cannot gain. The real property of the Ventura hills costs $9,400, 000, which is a huge amount of the land available for residential communities that might increase the changing demographics and needs of the household.

Well-Designed Facility:

Ventura Hills is offering well-designed services for the residents having required and additional services. By evaluating consumer preferences, the community is focusing on the individual needs of children, elders, and other ages.

Lack of Awareness:

The company is centered in the location where the demand for residential locations is limited because of limited awareness.

Independent Residential Service Provision:

Ventura Hills Senior Living is providing customized residential services to consumers that enhance their participation and willingness towards it.

Lack of productive workforce:

The community is lacking some productive workers when it comes to the immediate response to a problem.

Cost-effective Services:

The community is offering cost-effective services to residents that attract the majority of residents towards the community.

Less Competitive Outlook:

The infrastructure of the community is less competitive than the competitors in nearby locations such as Castle Hills Senior Living.

Higher Output-profit:

Because of working on the low-cost strategy, the community is getting a huge output profit that indicates a positive increase in sales and growth of the company.



Market Competition:

The company is getting tough competition in the market. Emergence in the residential industry is increasing, and emerging competitors are challenging the market value of the community that might affect its demand as well.

Apartments are fully facilitated with Bathrooms and kitchens:

Fully furnished apartments of Ventura Hills offer the attraction of residents and help them to get everything in one place. The opportunity of having a well-designed area helps the community to meet with expectations of residents and protect them all the way possible.

Limited Services:

Some services are limited to resident’s desires that cost higher as well. Thus, customers sometimes do not ask for services because of the cost even though they are in need.






Modern Infrastructure:

The building design is based on the modern infrastructure that attracts a huge number of residents because, in the modern age, people prefer modern residential spaces.

High facility Expenses:

Because the infrastructure is built on a modern architect thus monthly expenses on the products are higher.

Additional Services:

The community is offering additional services for elders and children that attract the attention of residents because they understand that their needs are being met in one place.

Highly Fluctuating Market:

Emerging competitors and economic trends affect the overall growth of the residential market. Such as the emergence of COVID-19 impacted the demand for residential buildings.

Recreational Blocks:

Gym for elders and parks for children are inside the community that is an additional motivation for residents to choose Ventura hills over its competitors.

Changing Customer Preferences:

Customer preferences are ever-changing that also affect the profit ratio of the company.