Loss of Trust in Government Leaders Entity

Loss of Trust in Government Leaders Entity

Loss of Trust in Government Leaders Entity

Finding 1: Loss of Trust in Government Leaders Entity 1: Governor Cox, Dr. Angela Dunn, State of Utah

According to the Edelman Trust Barometer, scientists are more trusted than government leaders are to address societal challenges. In the height of the coronavirus pandemic, Utah Governor Spencer Cox faced many obstacles as he tried to rally the state to stay vigilant to the endgame of the pandemic. Throughout the pandemic, Dr. Angela Dunn had reigned as the voice of reason, the steady hand explaining the statistics and guiding us through social distancing and mask wearing. In contrast, the governor’s office gave mixed messaging, switched gears often throughout the pandemic, and even had a scandal about purchasing treatment medication.

As the voice of reason during the pandemic, Dr. Angela Dunn also emerged as a voice of someone you could trust. “The state’s handling of the pandemic has already been the subject of controversy, with rural communities railing against restrictions and public health experts pleading for stronger government action to contain the coronavirus.” (2021)

This sentiment was echoed by Dr. Suzanne Harrison, a state legislator. “I feel like having multiple press conferences where we ask pretty please for people to do the right thing is clearly not working,” Harrison, D-Draper, said. “Our front-line doctors and nurses are begging for meaningful action from state leaders. We need legislative leaders and Gov. Herbert to listen to the health experts and work to change this trajectory.” (2020)


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Finding 2: CEOs Must Lead Entity 2: Astrid Tuminez, Utah Valley University

Astrid Tuminez has been president of UVU for just nearly three years and she is an unstoppable force for good for promoting the university. She is a very influential person in Utah County and in the state of Utah, speaking enthusiastically about UVU and it’s students. Also, She supports all the sports teams, and is often waving her green pom poms on the sidelines of any UVU sports match or game and cheering loudly for her Wolverines.

She takes the lead and is outspoken on jobs for the future, for diversity, for every issue affecting UVU and its stakeholders.. At the helm of Utah’s largest public university, she is a spokesperson for using technology to further the mission of UVU and she was instrumental in using technology to UVU’s approach to COVID (Benson 2021).

Wearing a streak of green in her hair, and always wearing an article of clothing in UVU’s signature green, she has secured millions of dollars in donations to the school, and regularly touts and tweets the many successes of the school and it’s programs, especially in Engineering and Technology where she is championing a new building and a burgeoning program. (Williams 2021). She is a great example of a CEO who leads.


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Finding 3: Consumers Expect Brands to Act Entity 3: Marcella Hill, CEO of LoveWoolies

Marcella Hill had a mission, to give used recycled wool sweaters new life. Her brand, LoveWoolies, is an example of a brand that acts. LoveWoolies sources the materials for their product sustainably. She has also grown her business by being adaptable and meeting the demands of the market.

For example, she racked up $16,000 in mitten sales after Bernie Sander’s mittens (not made by Marcella–but she makes similar ones) went viral through memes. (Romo 2021).

When the pandemic hit, Marcella switched gears from producing mittens and scrunchies to making masks. She has donated 20,000 masks (Giles 2020). Her business also supports women by employing women to work from home, featuring women’s stories on social media, and inspiring others with positive messages.

Her brand gives back and she has built a successful business based on the power of change. If she can make a flawed, old sweater into mittens and give it a new life, then the sky’s the limit on what else can be done.


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