Use the case study below to complete.  Please use APA formatting.  You should have at least 5 typed pages.  Your case study should include a title page and a reference page with at least 3 references listed.  Your current text can be one of those references, but you must research two more sources to complete this assignment.  Your assignment will be at least 7 pages in length (cover page, 5 typed pages, and reference page)

Nova Middle School is by many measures, successful in educating students.  The school’s current year School Improvement Plan states:

It should be noted that on the Department of Education Report Card we were rated in the upper end of satisfactory.  Our achievement index score was rated satisfactory with a score of 73.8 (a score of 75.0 or higher is considered outstanding).  Our attendance rating was considered outstanding showing further improvement from the previous year.  Our student participation rating for taking exams was also considered outstanding.  We tested 99.2 to 100 percent of all students.

While NMS may be on the upper end of satisfactory, there is room for improvement among its subgroup’s populations.  Data from the State and antidotal sources indicate areas in with academic achievement needs to be improved.  Surveys and anecdotal data indicate other areas in which the school needs to improve – primarily in closing the achievement gap and attendance for the subgroups, which include limited English proficient, students with disabilities, Hispanic, and other nonwhite subgroups.

NMS currently has forty-one licensed staff members (including specialist and administrators) with a student-teacher ratio of 25:1. The average years of teacher experience is 12.3 an d85.4 percent of all teachers have a master’s degree.  NMS serves students in grades 6, 7, and 8.  Students enrollment in last year was 815.  The current endorsement is around 830.  Of that number, 37.1 percent received free or reduced lunch and 5.8 percent speak English as a second language.  Ethnicity is reflected in Data chart 1 and the number of years of teaching experience is reflected in Data chart 2.

Student attendance at NMS is 94.7 percent and testing participation is 99.2 percent.  The school has fewer expulsion and behavior referrals than any other middle school in the district the past two years.  The state rates the school’s achievement as satisfactory and their attendance and participation rating as outstanding.  School performance data over a combined tow-year period is show in Data Chart 3.  Data chart 4 shows the subgroup performance in the academic areas of reading and math is significantly below the all students group.

The Leadership team composed of a counselor, principal, two teachers, and vice principals meet weekly. At every meeting, the team reviews data to not updates and discuss further actions to be taken.  By tracking and analyzing data, they have been able to identify trends in behavior, absenteeism, and grades based on racial or cultural subgroups.

As a teacher leader what recommendations would you make to the leadership team with regard to closing the differences in achievement between subgroups and overall school population? Analyze the data to determine the strengths and weakness of the school.  Identify three major needs and three strengths.   Identify one goal for the school.  How would you build a culture that might create “staff buy-in” for the change?  How will you assess this goal? What are some initiatives you might create to accomplish this goal?  What are some resources you will need?

Also look at the data charts on pages 159 and 160 in your text to provide you with additional information about NMS.