International Strategy

International Strategy

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One of the topics you’ve just seen is International Strategy. Because of this, I’ve got a quick little self-test about your familiarity with various key countries in the world.

First, see how terrible the average person is at this kind of thing:

Use these two files to see how many countries you can identify on a map. There is NO PENALTY for getting things wrong, so just do your best.

World map.pdf


When you have made an attempt, check yourself against this “key” to see how many you got right.

Key for self test


(a) Tell everyone how many countries you got right the FIRST time

(b) Which countries are the easiest to identify

(c) Which countries still tend to give you trouble

**In terms of a “word count” guideline, you can aim for roughly 300-500 words for your post.


two different topic so don’t merge them in one. 


Discussion Topic 2 of 2:

  • Remarkably, the video streaming service Quibi is a company that both launched AND failed during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020; Quibi launched in April 2020 and was shut down in October 2020. Later, in early 2021, Roku announced it would acquire and stream Quibi’s content on its platform.
  • There are numerous reasons to point to for Quibi’s particular experience. Feel free to search for news articles from the WSJ, for free, via (Links to an external site.).
  • Using concepts you have learned up to now in the course, which of these do YOU believe is the most critical, and why?
    • (NOTE: I am interested in your opinions, but for the purposes of this course you must say more than “I believe ABC.” You might use the Minto approach in my summary page for Week 2 to BRIEFLY organize your argument, starting with Situation, Complication, Question, then Answer. To practice using this, write your response in a manner such that it is not immediately clear that you are “following a script”. )

**In terms of a “word count” guideline, roughly 300-400 words is a good target.