International Marketing & marketing plan

International Marketing & marketing plan

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Marketing Plan

About the Company: 

Authentic Instructor Training is a Canadian-based training company. The company aims to provide coaching and training to fitness instructors. The founder of the company, Tash Marshall Bean has got tremendous team, which provides expertise to build fitness boutique studios and also helps to train the gym staff and instructors.

Aims and Objectives: 

Currently, the company is operating only in Canada and has trained almost 1500 instructors and gym owners for successful running their fitness studios. However, the company aims to operate globally and expand in international markets as well. Therefore, the founder of the company wants to initiate global expansion with the USA. The company wants to make their indoor cycling program global.

Fitness Studios in the USA: 

The USA is one of the most dynamic markets in the world. The country and its diversified nation support and encourage innovative ideas. America’s fitness industry is worth $33.3 Billion (Stasha, 2021). The fitness industry grows by 2.3% in 2021. Therefore, the country has got great potential for fitness training companies like Authentic Training Incorporation.

Moreover, the two countries, Canada and the USA belong to the North American region and share similar business and corporate values. Thus, it is more convenient for the Authentic Training Incorporation to expand in a similar region. Authentic Instructor Training also provides valuable consultation for setting up lavish fitness studios. Therefore, the local gyms in the USA can benefit themselves by modifying their existing gym set-ups to boutique-style fitness centers.

Competitors in USA: 

In the USA, there are many companies who are effectively working for providing the consultation services to the gym owners and personal trainers. These consultations include gym interior designing, equipment procurement and facility layout, and budget development program. There are very few companies who design their programs for fitness trainers.

In view of the market gap, Authentic Instructor Training can easily penetrate in the USA market with its creative offerings. However, due to the huge population of the United States, the company has to design attractive marketing strategies to target vast number of population. Some potential competitors for Authentic Instructor Training will be:

· K Allan Consulting- Gym Design and Development

· Ace Fitness Center

· Erickson International

· ISSA- Personal Trainers and Fitness Certification

· Jason’s Workout World

These companies offer variety of services to the gym owners and professionals aiming to boost their careers as personal or gym trainers. Some of the companies also offer job placement options to its customers (ISSA).

Marketing Mix for Authentic Instructor Training

Other than the regular services offered by the fitness coaching centers, Authentic Instructor Training USA’s Chapter will introduce their USP (Indoor Cycling) in the USA market. The products and services to be offered by Authentic Instructor Training, USA Chapter include the following:

· Indoor cycling instructor training provided on-line via zoom as an open enrolment program and/or for a boutique studio for certification.

· Indoor cycling instructor “amp-ups”, providing training in-person or via zoom to existing studio teams who are wanting to improve, upgrade or update their cycling program

· Branded studio and active wear clothing

· Studio start-up consulting and advisory

· Indoor Cycling Procurement Facility


As the USA fitness industry is experiencing rapid advancement, the threat of new entrants is very high. Similarly, the threat of existing players is not negligible. To boost the confidence of trainers and gym owners in Indoor Cycling Program the prices will be market competitive:

The company will offer products and services in three packages:

Silver: The silver package will include the training program designed for gym professionals and fitness coaches to equip with the indoor cycling concept. The price for the program will be $1,500 including the subscription fee. The validity of silver package is one month. The trainers will also be rewarded with the certificates. The company plans to organize six silver program sessions a year.

Gold: The diamond package will be offered at $2,500. The buyers of the package will also get the videos and literature regarding various forms of Indoor Cycling along with the training. The duration of the program will be 45 days.

Diamond: The diamond package is inclusive of silver and gold package with annual access to the company magazine and nutrition advice. The company will also ensure the job placement of the trainees. The value of the diamond package will be $4,500. The program will be valid for three months.


The Company will be very specific in entering the USA market. Instead of entering aggressively, the company will expand slowly and steadily. The company will enter the USA market with New York. New York is one of the most populated cities of America. The struggle of early stage to penetrate in American market will act as a savior in future. Expanding from big markets to small markets is cooperatively easy.


Aggressive promotions will be done. The company will advertise about its products and services in newspaper, social-media platforms, 3-D displays will be places in various streets of New York. The regions with the most number of fitness centers will be the preferred notch for advertisement displays to attract number of trainers.

The company will also make collaborations with the universities to hold seminars regarding the importance of the indoor cycling. Celebrity endorsements and country-wide event sponsorships will also be done.

Developing the Customer-Base: 

Authentic Instructor Training Company’s objective in not limited in provision of the training only, its scope expand to financial consultation for gyms also. To know the prospective and existing gym owners and businesses, an open invitation will be advertised for tea and cookies session for the introduction of business in the USA market. The session will be free of cost.

In the same session, detailed information regarding the company will be discussed. The prices of the products and services will be discussed and modified accordingly. The similar sessions will be held periodically to increase the potential customer base. Similarly, advertisements will be made on magazines for health and fitness niche.



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Marketing Plan

Marketing Plan