Impacts of Covid-19 to Mothers

Impacts of Covid-19 to Mothers

Impacts of Covid-19 to Mothers amid Economic Recovery

The global economy shrunk due to the covid-19 pandemic, and many countries are putting in place measures to revitalize their economy in several ways. Many people lost their sole source of income due to job cuts. Many organizations were forced to close or scale down their operations. The most affected are the mothers, especially those with young kids of 6 years and below (Bauer, 2021).

The pandemic led to schools’ closure, which made many parents rethink the ways of taking care of their children at home. However, married mothers and those living with their spouses did not suffer a lot compared to single mothers. The state requires to devise ways of helping the mothers to cope with the situation. Provision of quality children care services by the state is one way to help mothers get back on to their feet amid the pandemic.

            According to Bauer (2021),

many mothers left their jobs to take care of their children back at home. However, some of the mothers lost their jobs, and they could not afford child care services. The issue of kids being at home has also led to some mothers taking or preferring part-time and work-from-home jobs compared to office setup. It has proven to be difficult to balance work and family responsibilities for many mothers. The struggles of mothers have widened the participation gaps between them and fathers in the workforce.

Through the State Department of Labor, the Federal Government is best suited to handle the above problems concerning mothers. Possible solutions could be the provision of paid leaves to working mothers (Power, 2020). The government should make child care services easily accessible. These measures will ensure that mothers can work and run errands without worrying about their kids’ safety and income. The state, through congress, can pass aid policies to cushion affected mothers and those who face food insecurity.


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Impacts of Covid-19

Impacts of Covid-19