Federal monetary policy effectiveness

Federal monetary policy effectiveness

You are required to submit an essay on the Fed’s monetary policy effectiveness. Your essay should be a minimum of 600 words, well-written and organized, using outside sources with appropriate citation, and having spelling and grammar checked before posting. It is expected that you will support your views with empirical and quantitative data, particularly relating to inflation rates and unemployment levels over the past decade (You may use Moodle or the Internet as sources). Mere opinion on the efficacy of the Fed’s monetary policy initiatives will not be sufficient to earn full points. Please be aware that essays failing to meet the minimum 600 word requirement will be subject to point reductions.

Specifically, you are required to address the following topic questions:

1. How effectively has the Federal Reserve used monetary policy over the past decade to achieve its goals of price stability and maximum employment?

2. What are some of the variables influencing price stability and employment that are largely beyond the Fed’s control?

3. Would it be preferable for the Fed to operate with a single mandate of price stability and, if so, what are the implications for achieving full employment?

The grading rubric which will be used to score your essay is provided below: