Empathy In Mental Health Practice

Empathy In Mental Health Practice

Empathy In Mental Health Practice

  1. First, Discuss what you found interesting about this topic.
  2. Secondly, Explain why you feel this is or is not important.
  3. Also, Apply this topic to a real world phenomenon.  (Choose one OTHER than examples from lecture)
  4. Project how you feel this would apply to your future work and career.
  5. In addition, Make sure you cite the text in APA format.

12 point font. 2-3 pages.  Use APA style citation of one source.



Empathy – Ability to recognize and share the emotions and states of mind of another and to understand the meaning and significance of that person’s behavior.

AKA: Putting yourself in their shoes.

“It sounds like you’re angry with your father.”


“Dissatisfied with him?”

“Hmm. Perhaps.”

“Disappointed in him?”

“Yes, that’s it! I AM disappointed in him.”


Sympathy – Feeling compassion or sorrow for another’s plight.

AKA: Feeling sorry for someone.

“I feel so horrible this has happened to you!”

“It’s okay…”

Bold Statement incoming!

Some say that empathy, or true and deep understanding of the client, is the most important goal for those working in mental health care.



Also, Why?

And, How?

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