Educational Service Plan

Educational Service Plan

For your final assignment, you will assume the role of a case carrier (case manager), who is a special education professional charged with ensuring the IEP is followed and all practices are compliant. You will revisit the fictional character Manual, who was introduced in ESE610, and study the goals identified in the Individualized Education Program (IEP), located in the Instructor Guidance. Based on these goals, you will describe how you will coordinate all educational services for Manual, describe the service delivery model that will be implemented, and explore transition services and supports for Manual. (links to reports)

Using content from your assigned reading, the Instructor Guidance, and the discussions, submit the following for evaluation. When creating your written assignment, use the guidelines found below.

Content Instructions: Coordination of Services
Part One: Multimedia Content Expectations
Create a multimedia presentation that includes the following components:

  • Building a sense of community between home and school (5 points):
    • Identify the ways you plan to communicate with the parents.
    • Describe ways for you to gain the trust of parents and other school personnel.
    • Identify possible barriers to communication, including at least one cultural difference, and strategies to overcome these barriers.
    • Describe the intended goals, in non-educational lingo, for Manual’s parents and delineate how they may help at home.
  • Effective collaborative communication strategies (5.5 points):
    • Delineate ways in which you will enhance and facilitate the communication and collaboration between all team members (e.g., special education teachers, general education teachers paraprofessional(s), families, community member(s), service provider(s)).
    • Describe how you plan to deal with conflict that may arise amongst team members.
    • Based on the information taken from your interviews with the special education and general education teachers, create a tip sheet of the best practices for collaborating and communicating with all team members.
  • Service Delivery Model that will be implemented (4 points):
    • Choose a Service Delivery Model that you believe will be the best fit for Manual and explain why you selected it (e.g., collaborative teaming, co-teaching, complementary instruction, role exchange, consulting). Be sure to explain in detail:
      • The characteristics of the model.
      • The role of the special educator in this model.
      • How this model will support Manual and his goals, as well as students in general.
  • Prepare for Transition to Adulthood (14 years old) (5.5 points):
    • Describe the importance of, and differentiate between, the following components of transitional services:
      • Self-determination
      • Self-advocacy
      • Person-centered planning
    • Create two goals for each of the following Life Centered Career Education subcategories that will support Manual’s transition goal:
      • Daily Living Skills
      • Personal-Social Skills
      • Occupational Guidance and Preparation
    • Describe the typical roles of parents within the transition plan and discuss this with Manual’s parents.

Part Two: Multimedia Presentation Expectations

  • Slide Design and Format (0.5 points): Your presentation should be a total of 12 to 15 slides, not including the title and references slides. The title and reference slides should be formatted according to APA 6th Edition guidelines. Use relevant graphics to enhance the presentation, without distracting from the main focus. Slides should have a consistent theme, format, and font that augments the readability of the presentation. Save the presentation as a pdf., pwpt., or pwptx. file and show the speaker’s notes for viewing in Waypoint and Turnitin.

Written Communication Expectations:

  • Syntax and Mechanics (0.5 points): Display meticulous comprehension and organization of syntax and mechanics, such as spelling and grammar.
  • Source Requirement (0.5 points): Three scholarly sources, in addition to the course text. All sources on the references page need to be used and cited correctly within the body of the assignment.
  • APA Formatting (0.5 points): Use APA 6th edition formatting consistently throughout the assignment.