Drug and Alcohol Treatment Specialist

Drug and Alcohol Treatment Specialist

Drug and Alcohol Treatment Specialist Module 1


Welcome to the first module of your Stratford Career Institute Drug & Alcohol Treatment

Specialist Program. No doubt you are eager to get started. Before you do, however,

please take a moment to read this Introduction. It will explain how the materials in this

package are designed to be used.

The reading material for Module One is a text entitled Preparing to Counsel Others. It offers an introduction to the field of counseling by providing information on several key

topics that are important to understand before one goes on to acquire the technical

details of particular social problems and interventions. The next module will be sent to

you automatically once you are close to completing the assignments in this first package.

In Module One you will be covering the following topics:

The Foundations of Human Behavior

The Process of Socialization

Social Issues in General

Social Issues in the Workplace

A Recipe for Psychological and Social Wellness

Counseling Tasks and Competencies

Recognizing Ambiguity and Complexity

This Student Assignment Booklet divides the reading material for Module One into three

assignments as follows:

Assignment 1: Pages 1 to 35, Exam 1

And Assignment 2: Pages 37 to 75, Exam 2

Assignment 3: Pages 77 to 98, Exam 3

Each assignment is preceded by a list of Learning Objectives and contains instructions

pertaining to the relevant exam and answer sheet. Read through the objectives before

you begin to study the material. Be sure to complete each assignment in the order

shown and send only your completed answer sheet to the school for evaluation.

Please send in each exam as you complete it, rather than saving them and sending

them in batches.

You may contact us with any questions or comments you may have about the material,

either in writing or via our toll-free instructional lines. Please refer to the Student

Handbook for more information on how to interact with the school. Our staff is here to

help you, and your input is valuable to us in our ongoing efforts to optimize this course

for our present and future students.

Drug and Alcohol Treatment

Drug and Alcohol Treatment