Cultural humility importance in human service

Cultural humility importance in human service

Human Service Professional Practitioner

Cultural humility is important in the human service practitioner practice because as a human service practitioner, we deal with a lot of different cultures and to deal with different cultures we must be able to understand the culture these people come from.

The United States has many immigrants coming in the states and a lot of them need help getting accustomed to the different things and language they come across.

For example, many people from different parts of the world come to the united states to get better opportunities and receive a better education. Some immigrants come so they can provide for their family back home. Human Service Practitioner are to help the people understand the different things they are going to experience while living in the United States.

Although, we may not speak the language they speak but we can try our best by offering different counselors who do speak the language and try to give them the help they need to feel at home. I believe as a human service practitioner we should be able to get assistance for the people that need help and make sure we try everything we can to make our clients feel as comfortable as possible.

Describe your personal characteristics that would contribute to your success as a human services professional practitioner.

I am a self-disciple person; I know how to separate my personal feelings from my work.

In addition, I know I will hear many different stories that will probably affect my personal feelings, but I must separate my emotions from my job to stay professional. I do not respond with my feelings but with my mind.  Also I feel like I am a patient person. Patient is a big key to being a human service practitioner because you must have patients to deal with all types of people and their problems.

Describe the top two characteristics that you identify as your greatest strengths and explain why you identify them as such.

My top two characteristics would be leadership and empathy. The leadership I have in me will help me make the right decisions for my clients.

My clients can depend on me if they need someone to talk to or get advice. I consider myself a strong leader because I can make decisions to help myself and others. I believe having empathy for my clients will help my clients open up to me and share their stories with me.

Also, I had many things going on as a child up until I was a teenager. I believe by my experience; certain things will help my clients feel comfortable expressing their feelings because I experienced some of the things they experienced.

Describe your limitations and explain how you would develop your skills in these areas.

One limitation I would love to work on is the lack of knowledge I have with some of the cases I will have to experience. I would love to become a human service practitioner and be able to help someone in need.

I also would love to work on my communication skills because sometimes I can come off a little strong towards some people. I tend to over talk a little bit and I would love to work on these limitations.

Cultural humility

Cultural humility