Communication Strategy For Adaptive

Communication Strategy For Adaptive

Communication Strategy for Adaptive Leadership Toolkit



JUNE 18, 2021

A. Gap Analysis: Lacking competencies resulting in the negative trend.

Based on the survey results, the following leadership competencies are lacking:

Team Building. Communication, and Mentoring.


B. Identify competencies that you need to develop, according to the results of your leadership circle self-assessment.

The leadership competencies I have identified to develop are, Team building, Communication, and Mentoring.

Team building is the process of turning numerous individual employees into a team, working together to accomplish goals. Leaders who can create deep relationships with others are strong when listening, communicating, developing, and empowering others. (Anderson & Adams, 2019) This leadership competency identified for improvement aligns with the question, “I feel encouraged to come up with new and better ways of doing things,” under the recognition and praise focus area.

Communication is the exchanging of material amongst two or more people. Team communication skills should be practiced daily because regardless of the team/task at hand, all affiliates need to communicate back and forth to achieve an end goal. Team communication skills include both verbal and non-verbal communication, negotiating, problem solving and smart decision making. This leadership competency identified for improvement aligns with the question, “My supervisor takes the time to praise those who do an excellent job,” under the reward and recognition focus area.

Mentoring is to encourage others to manage their own knowledge while maximizing potential, improving their performance, and becoming the person they want to be in a company.

Having this ability as a leader is a tactical tool for an orga./nization’s production, growth, and ability to retain valued employees.

This leadership competency identified for improvement aligns with the question, “My supervisor gives me useful information on how I can improve my job performance,” under the working conditions focus area. Improvements within the leadership competencies discussed, (team building, communication, and mentoring) will improve future employee survey results by promoting a more positive outcome in the workplace.

As stated, effective leaders shall collaborate with others because multiple inputs result in better outcomes. Employees will feel being listened to, their opinions are being respected and there will be more trust in others. This will lead to employees supporting each other more often as they come up with the best solutions. Also, this will help in making employees feel like they are working themselves more towards their individual goals by directing them towards skilled objectives.


MBA 530 Module Six Assignment

Personal Development Plan Template


C. Complete this template by replacing the bracketed text with the relevant information.


First and Last Name: [Alexander, Apanyin.]

Date: [June 18, 2021.]

Goal Description: [1. Improve communication within my team to reduce the number of inquiries.

2. Encourage and inspire my team members to increase efficiency]

Leadership Competency: [Team Building, Communication, and Mentoring.]


S: Specific
What do I plan to accomplish? What do I plan to achieve? What is the reason for this goal? Why is it relevant?
Example: Ensure a development plan, with specific deliverables, is jointly developed with all of my direct reports.  
[ Develop communication aptitudes that lead to 25% fewer inquiries during group gatherings.]
Motivate and encourage team members to increase efficiency and rebuild team morale by 50 percent, as indicated by team members’ feedback
M: Measurable
What metric(s) will be used to determine if you meet the goal? If more than one milestone is included, provide the metric that will be used to measure performance. Reduction of inquiries during meetings by 25%.


Improve employee production and employee satisfaction by 50% as measured.

A: Achievable What tools and skills do I need to achieve the goal? Who needs to be involved for me to be successful? What is my motivation for wanting to achieve this goal? Attend weekend workshops on communication skills.

Provide the team with resources and training to support their projects, cultivate team collaboration, and provide meaningful and positive input with team members through weekly check-ins.


R: Relevant How is this goal linked to an overall business objective? How will this goal increase my knowledge and improve my overall performance? Developing communications skills would enhance the message’s clarity, thus growing the team’s understanding and saving time lost by answering questions.

Motivating team members will boost productivity and morale, increase the number of completed tasks, and decrease the time that team members are distracted.

T: Time Bound Provide tangible deliverable(s) with due dates if more than one milestone is included. Provide the final due date for completion of this development goal. Improvement in communication at meetings by 25 percent in three months.


Achieve a 50 percent increase in the time it takes to complete tasks and show job satisfaction results to team members in 6 months.





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