Business Intelligence in Organization

Business Intelligence in Organization

Business Intelligence in Organization

A. Based on your experience, and your research, respond to the following in a minimum of 190 words:

(1) First, Describe how business intelligence can help an organization monitor, manage, and make decisions for its business;

(2) And, Discuss how data are integrated via the use of data warehouses and data marts;

(3) Also, Discuss how the increasing trend to use cloud-based databases will impact your thinking?


Create a 800-word minimum


Explain the following:

First, How performance will be monitored and tuned

And How backups will happen

Also, How data quality will be monitored and improved

In addition, How information should be secured, etc.

Lastly, How all of the standards are important to the business from a user perspective


Also, include the following;

· Explanations of how individual team roles will need to contribute to managing historical data via data warehouses and data marts

· Recommendations of techniques for designing an effective data warehouse

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence