American Government

American Government

A. Representative Government-

1.  Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each of the following type of representative (agent) 

· Trustee

· Delegate

2. What would agents/representatives need to know about their constituents in order to best represent them and WHY? (Discuss at least three)

3. What characteristics would make someone better suited to serve as an agent/representative and WHY? (Discuss at least three)

4. Reciprocity is a key element in the agent/representative-citizen/principal relationship. What are the responsibilities of the principal/citizen in this relationship and why are they important? (Discuss at least three)

5. Why do many citizens/principals not fully participate in government activities? (Discuss at least three)

B. Constitutional Amendments-

1. Select any FOUR amendments to the U.S. Constitution and for each one (letter a,b,c only):

a. Describe the background that existed in American society that led to the amendment being passed at that moment in history

b. Explain the immediate impact the amendment had on American society at the time of its ratification

c. Discuss what impact the amendment has on American society in 2020-21

d. What are some ways that the constitution could be amended today to enhance the structure of government or ways to expand democracy in the United States? Explain.

C. Civil Rights/Civil Liberties and the Supreme Court

1. Select any FOUR United States Supreme court decisions related to Civil Rights/Civil Liberties and for each one:

a. Describe the facts of the case

b. Discuss the arguments of each side as it pertains to the Constitutional issue being addressed

c. Explain the decision of the court including any dissenting opinion if not a unanimous verdict

d. Explain whether you agree/disagree with the court’s decision and WHY

D. The President

Article II of the Constitution established the institution of the presidency. Select any TWO Presidents prior to 1933 and any TWO Presidents since 1933 and for EACH one:

1. Discuss any expressed power used by this president and the impact that decision had on American society at the time of its use

2. Explain whether you agree/disagree with the presidential action taken and WHY

3. Describe one legislative initiative promoted by the president and the impact on America at the time of its passage

4. Discuss one executive order issued by the president and whether you agree/disagree with the order and WHY