a real and problematic “group think” in community

a real and problematic “group think” in community

For this research paper locate a real and problematic “group think” community within your town. It could be a religious group’s governing council, a dysfunctional fraternity or sorority, a political ‘in group,’ a social club’s membership committee, a group at your professional firm, a ‘coffee committee’ meeting at one of the local restaurants for a morning gripe session, etc. Before you begin analysis of this group please check with me.

You are a communication consultant specializing in-group communication. You discover a genuine “group-think” band of citizens in your committee. Write a short report (4 pages double-spaced) that 1. Describes why this group is a “problem.” 2. Describe and define the main issues in this “group think” problem. 3. Proposes one realistic, concrete plan to change the group’s communication behavior. This plan would stand the best chance of starting a change in the committee’s communication patterns.

1. Describe with Concrete details the members of the problem group and the group’s civic or social context:

a. Its context
b. Its members

c. Its effect on the larger community

2. Describe one problem with this group’s “group think” behavior.

a. What happens with new information enters the group’s communication
b. Which of the Janis constructs does this group use to justify its
communication stance?
Biased leadership?

Decisional stress?

3. What is one solution that will begin to ameliorate the Group Think communication behave