7 Model Of Patient And Physician Relationship

7 Model Of Patient And Physician Relationship

Model Of Patient And Physician Relationship

Patient And Physician Relationship

  • Discuss the type of relationship you share with your physician based off of the model of patient and physician relationship by Szasz and Hollander.  Discuss the identifying factors that lead you to believe this relationship to be true.
  • Explain in detail a different scenario that would describe one of the two other possible models of interaction of a patient and physician relationship according to Szasz and Hollander.  Be sure to explain reasons why you believe this model of interaction to be true.
  • DO NOT GIVE A SUMMARY OF THE THREE MODELS.  Summaries will not be counted for your word count.
  • Your original post should be a minimum of 400 words.
  • Rubric:  Content is appropriate to the assignment (15).  Posting follows proper APA format and is without spelling errors (5).  {Guidelines and rubric from the syllabus still apply to your raw score
Rubric for Class Participation/Discussion Rubric

Satisfactory responses to discussion questions are evaluated in three categories 1) Main point, 2) Support, and 3) Execution. Class discussion is worth 60 points of the 170 total class points. To receive the maximum number of points for discussion board participation the student must adhere to the following evaluation criteria:

Evaluation Criteria for Demonstration of Knowledge and Responsiveness to Assignments

1. Postings demonstrate that readings are very clearly understood.

2. Postings are germane to the issue (chatty, humorous posts are OK and add flavor to the discussion but are not factored into grades).

3. Postings fully address the requirements of discussion thread assignments.

4. Postings are specific and sufficiently explained with references to the readings and/or other sources.

5. Sources add value/new insight into the discussions. APA citations are required when using another’s words or paraphrasing.

6. Postings exhibit careful contemplation and critical review of course material.

7. Postings are understandable and grammatically correct.

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